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This article details the different roles options in the Security menu.

Introduction to roles

Administrators in the Brinqa Platform can create and modify user roles in the system.

To manage roles, click Administration admin-button on the upper-right corner and under Security, select Roles. The Roles page displays a list view of the existing roles in the Brinqa Platform.

Default roles

Your Brinqa Platform comes with several default roles, which can be deleted or modified as needed. The following table details the default roles in the Brinqa Platform:

UserThe user role has read access to hosts, vulnerabilities, and tickets. This role does not have admin access.
Risk analystThe risk analyst role can create, read, update, and delete hosts, vulnerabilities, tickets, or reports.
ConfiguratorThe configurator role has full access to the Brinqa Platform but does not have access to reports.
AdministratorThe administrator role has full access to the platform but cannot modify users.
System administratorThe system administrator role can read everything and modify users.
Security administratorThe security administrator role can administer security policies with regards to user accounts and access control policies for roles.

Create a new role

  1. Navigate to Administration admin-button > Security > Roles.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Fill out the Title, Name, Description, and Roles fields.


    If you select a role when you create a new role, the new role inherits all the permissions associated with the selected role. If you do not select a role, you must navigate to access controls and assign permissions manually.

  4. Click Create.

The roles page reloads and you should see your new role listed.

Edit or delete a role

You can edit or delete existing roles. Hold the pointer over the entry and click Edit or Delete to modify an existing role.