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BQL Overview

After you have successfully gotten the data you need into the Brinqa Platform, you can use Brinqa Query Language (BQL) to search through your data and help you find what you are looking for. Knowing what constitutes a Brinqa query, how BQL interacts with your data, and how your data is returned from a query are beneficial in understanding your data.

What is a Brinqa query?

A Brinqa query is a request to process data stored within Brinqa and retrieve results based on your criteria. The request utilizes an entity-relationship graph design that is simple to read and compose. Once you understand what makes up a query statement and how they are used in tandem with the graph design, you begin to unveil specific patterns about your data. BQL grants you the ability to survey your data, identify vulnerabilities, provide information on critical issues, show trends in your data, and more.

BQL features

BQL offers the following features and functionalities: