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September 2023 Integration+ Connector Releases


  • LeanIX EAM v3.0.0

    LeanIX EAM (Enterprise Architecture Management) is a system management tool that manages and optimizes your IT landscape and architecture. You can bring application, project, user, and other data from LeanIX into the Brinqa Platform.

  • WhiteHat Sentinel v3.0.0

    WhiteHat Sentinel by Synopsys is an application security tool that identifies vulnerabilities across your web applications. You can bring attack vector, dynamic code finding, and site data from WhiteHat Sentinel into the Brinqa Platform.


  • CyCognito v3.0.1

    The CyCognito connector has removed a duplicated NAME attribute.

  • Mandiant v3.0.0

    The Mandiant connector has been updated to manage disparities in the data retrieved between the free version and the commercial version.

  • Qualys Vulnerability Management v5.1.7

    The Qualys Vulnerability Management connector now checks for null Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) vectors.

  • Rapid7 InsightAppSec v3.1.1

    The Rapid7 InsightAppSec connector has normalized the values for status.

  • runZero v3.0.1

    The runZero connector has added an option to skip certificate verification.

  • SentinelOne v3.1.15

    The SentinelOne connector has fixed some sync errors and made the Application and Application Install objects optional.

  • ServiceNow v3.1.4

    The ServiceNow connector has added a check for null values.

  • Snyk v3.0.6

    The Snyk connector has implemented a different approach for managing the 'Status category' attribute in findings, as it is not provided in the data retrieved from Snyk.

  • SQL Connector v3.0.7

    The SQL connector now supports key pair authentication for the Snowflake JDBC driver.

  • Tenable Nessus v3.1.14

    The Tenable Nessus connector has added a new setting to configure maximum retries.

  • Tenable Web Application Scanning v3.1.14

    The Tenable Web Application Scanning connector has added a new setting to configure maximum retries.

  • v3.1.14

    The connector has added a new setting to configure maximum retries.

  • v3.1.14

    The connector has undergone numerous modifications, including

    • Normalized the Hostname attribute.

    • Added a new setting to configure maximum retries.

    • Added a new operation option, per_repo_distinct_asset_uuid, to indicate whether to create a unique identifier when the same asset is found in multiple repositories.

  • Veracode v3.0.6

    The Veracode connector has added Component, Open Source Finding and Open Source Finding Definition as connector objects.

  • Wiz v3.1.7

    The Wiz connector has been updated to use the new Wiz logo and to handle situations where the object retrieved from Wiz lacks a UID.