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October 2023 Integration+ Connector Releases


  • Check Point CloudGuard v3.0.0

    Check Point CloudGuard is a cloud security tool that provides protection for your cloud infrastructure. You can bring alert, alert definition, and cloud resource data from Check Point CloudGuard into the Brinqa Platform.

  • Device42 v3.0.0

    Device42 is an asset management tool that provides insights into your organization's hardware and software infrastructure. You can bring customer, device, and subnet data from Device42 into the Brinqa Platform.

  • Jira Insight v3.1.5

    Jira Insight is an asset management plugin for Jira software that scans and manages your organization's assets, configurations, and dependencies within Jira.

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud v3.1.11

    Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a cloud environment solution that focuses on threat detection, assessments, and security management across your cloud environments. You can bring alert, alert definition, assessment, assessment metadata, and asset data from Microsoft Defender for Cloud into the Brinqa Platform.


  • CrowdStrike v3.0.18

    The CrowdStrike connector has improved its performance in syncing vulnerability definitions.

  • Jira v3.1.5

    The Jira connector now pushes all fields when sending tickets to Jira.

  • Rapid7 Nexpose Data Warehouse v3.0.7

    The Rapid7 Nexpose Data Warehouse connector now segregates local process files to avoid conflicts between multiple syncs.

  • ServiceNow v3.2.2

    The ServiceNow connector has been improved to support obtaining reference fields as sys_id rather than their display values. Refer to ServiceNow connector operation options for instructions on usage.

  • Wiz v3.1.8

    The Wiz connector has added a new setting to configure maximum retries.