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11.24.62 Platform Release

Released June 07, 2024

This release is a patch update for the 11.24.52 platform release.

Addressed issues

  • Refreshed user cache for proper access control on exports.

  • Enhanced BQL queries to sort by complex one-to-many relationships. This enables the platform to sort on aggregated values.

  • Fixed the issue where a wrong query was generated when having a relationship attribute in a column as well as a filter.

  • Added a mechanism to automatically exit Data Warehouse and use Neo4j instead when a query can’t be translated to SQL.

  • Fixed an issue with the GraphQL Explorer in which it became unresponsive.

  • Made database snapshot downloads run in parallel to make these more performant.

  • Allowed users to login via JIT, which resolved login issues that occurred for organizations using SAML authorization.

  • Fixed mismatched data type of Number attributes.