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11.24.21 Platform Release

Released May 1, 2024

New features and enhancements

  • Added the ability for a user to transform an SDM attribute to all uppercase or all lowercase, trim leading and trailing whitespace, trim and convert to uppercase, or trim and convert to lowercase.

  • Added the ability to implement a Sankey diagram as a visualization.

  • Added funnel visualization to dashboards.

  • Enhanced the Analytics Source ACL to support limited users.

  • Redirect users immediately to their identity provider when a user chooses SSO at login.

  • Removed the ‘Sign in with SSO’ link when it is not configured.

  • Improved the look and feel of the Login page.

  • Improved the error handling when filtered attributes are not supported in Analytic Source.

  • Added support for ‘Remediation validation requests’ as a request type.

  • Added the ability to go from a Detail view to a List view using the ID of the Detail view as a parameter in the BQL on the List view.

  • Added the ability to view passwords typed in the Data Integration Configuration.

  • Added a way to enable or disable Data Warehouse from Administration > Advanced.


    The Data Warehouse feature is still under development. You're welcome to enable it, but please be aware that some functionalities may not be fully operational. If you'd like more information about Data Warehouse, please contact Brinqa Support.

Data model changes

  • Added two new data models: Remediation Validation Request and Team.

  • Added a new attribute, cweIds, to the CVE Record data model.

  • Added two new attributes, attachments and comments, to Finding and data models that extend from Finding.

  • Added two new attributes, isTopLevelWeakness and parentWeaknesses, to the Weakness data model.

  • The sources attribute of the Entity Model now references Source model instead of Base model.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue where manual entries tried to change the UID during consolidation if the primary identifier is not a UID.

  • Displayed the names of Attachment type attributes in Form view.

  • Added a refactor to avoid a cast error seen during CAASM install.

  • Fixed an issue where limited users were unable to save queries.

  • Fixed the issue that using the 'Is current user' operator disabled the Update button in the filter.

  • Updated the warning message that non-admin users received when submitting flow actions.

  • Fixed the misalignment of buttons on the Requests page.

  • Fixed the issue where the drill-down from Bar chart to List view generated an incorrect BQL query.

  • Added missing icons on the Attributes and Access Controls form within a data model page.

  • Added new ticket risk scoring models so that closed tickets maintain the risk score if it has been computed.

  • Fixed the Cancel button behavior when editing the SLA Definitions page.

  • Added additional refinement on Finding types.

  • Fixed the margin in the ‘Select an icon’ modal so that the Close icon is visible.

  • Added ACL for limited users to include comments or attachments in Remediation Requests.

  • Fixed an issue in which configuration queries timed out.

  • Fixed the error when a BQL query involving a relationship attribute and the same attribute was selected as a column in the List view.

  • Beautified the 'OR' operator on the Access Controls page.

  • Fixed the look and feel of the Data Mapping form.

  • Fixed the translation from the "Vulnerabilities Open" Analytics Source BQL query to cypher.

  • Allowed charts to be smaller than 200 pixels.

  • Aligned the minus icon in breakdowns for Indicators.

  • Made data models' id, name, title, and description available in parquet files.

  • Fixed the Identifiers section in data model consolidation so that identifiers can be created and modified.

  • Fixed a regression where ordering Findings by type produced an error.

  • Fixed a regression where users couldn't use a function in a UNWIND clause.

  • Fixed MDC alignment on Session Timeout.

  • Fixed risk scoring aggregation after a BQL refactor.

  • Fixed the issue that the BQL field and Visual Query Builder did not work on List pages.

  • Fixed a performance issue by removing userID from the query cache.

  • Fixed the issue where creating an Analytics Source did not refresh the cache.

  • Fixed the issue where data models could not be imported.

  • Changed the type of riskOwnerDashboardv1FindingOwnRiskSummaryTable in visualizations from Tabular to Matrix, which improves filtering.

  • Downgraded the Angular version to fix the slowness in report builder.

  • Set memory limits in DuckDB to prevent server crashes.

  • Fixed the issue where relationships were removed on consolidation after new data was created during subsequent syncs.

Known issues

  • Drill-downs in the Trend Value chart don't work.

  • Unable to update or save notification changes in Orchestration.

  • The calculation for Risk Owners may be incorrect.

  • Identifier attributes aren't properly cleaned up when they are renamed during a connector version update.

  • Cannot use manual input to edit a host.

  • Some bar chart visualizations with complex relationships may not function properly after the 11.21 update.

  • Selecting multiple relationships in basic search creates an incorrect BQL query.

  • The default order for Clusters is too small for some customers.