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11.21.36 Platform Release

Released April 17, 2024

New features and enhancements

Addressed issues

  • Fixed the issue with sorting on the Type column in findings.

  • Added a view selection option in the ‘Create drill down’ dialog.

  • Centered the main navigation menu text in Firefox

  • Limited the storage in out-of-the-box flow actions so that they don't consume an expensive amount of space over large datasets.

  • Added mechanism to distinguish source data model (SDM) attributes with the unified data models (UDM).

Known issues

  • The attribute values are different between the List view and Detail view.

  • Risk Factor clusters with multi-choice attributes don't work as expected.

  • Date transformations on Bar/Line charts using Analytics Source don't work as expected.

  • Inputs aren't applied to Analytics Source charts consistently.