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11.16.9 Platform Release

Released December 11, 2023

Addressed issues

  • Fixed the issue where Risk Analyst users can't view detail pages.

  • Fixed an issue where the external link renderer didn’t redirect to the provided URL.

  • Improved the performance of manual ticket entries with hundreds of findings.

  • Fixed the issues where BQL queries sporadically disappear when editing reports.

  • Fixed the issue where the risk or remediation ownership cluster compute flows did not set relationships appropriately.

  • Fixed an error that occurred when creating a new Assessment.

  • Fixed the issue where a user account was locked out even after resetting the password.

  • Fixed an issue with single sign-on.

  • Fixed the issue where the List pages were broken for users assigned the risk analyst role.

Known issues

  • Sometimes the attribute filters would break and show blank values.

  • Filtering by ‘Date created’ in the list view throws an error.