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11.13.5 Platform Release

Released October 5, 2023

New features and enhancements

Enable flows from the Edit page

Users can now enable or disable flows from the flow's Edit page. This represents a significant improvement over the previous workflow, where users had to navigate back to the All flows view to perform these actions.

Enable flow screenshot for release notes

Undo or redo changes in Report Builder

The Report Builder now includes the ability to undo or redo changes in the editor. Prior to this update, users had to rely on manual efforts to implement or reverse modifications, which often require them to keep track of the differences themselves. This improvement enables users to explore different options and iterations without the fear of unintentionally compromising the integrity of the report.

Undo report screenshot for release notes

Changes to behavior and appearance

Visual flow builder temporarily unavailable

The issue preventing new flows from being created has been resolved. The Visual Flow Builder is being redesigned, and in the meantime, users have the ability to create, view, and modify flows directly from the JSON editor.

Data model changes

The following data models have been added in this release:

Addressed issues

  • Fixed the UDL function for percentage-impacted calculation.

  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to select the Schedule option in automation if it was set to Manual previously.

  • Fixed the issue where the report filter shows CVEs instead of the correct names of environment type clusters.

  • Fixed the issue where users couldn’t install risk scoring models on some cluster types.

Known issues

  • Orchestration fails when the consolidation flow encounters errors despite "skip and continue" being enabled.

  • The Sort by feature in reports is inconsistent when using relationship attributes.

  • The orchestration notification template for partial success or failure doesn’t attach the images properly.