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11.12.7 Platform Release

Released September 22, 2023

Changes to behavior and appearance

Customize configuration items

Administrators can now clone out-of-the-box Clusters, Risk Factors, Risk Scoring Models, and Service-level agreements (SLA) in Brinqa, then apply customizations to their cloned configuration items. When you clone any of these configurations, your changes are safely preserved between updates of the platform.

Clone risk scoring model screenshot for release notes

Addressed issues

  • Fixed the issue where a chart using a multi-value attribute as the dimension would sometimes lump the values together.

  • Fixed the issue where updating connection details reset the Type section in an Integration.

  • Fixed the issue where CSV integration sometimes failed to import any records.

  • Fixed the issue where deleting a connector used in an existing integration would make the Integrations page unavailable.

  • Fixed the issue where newlines added to a field in Integration configurations were removed.

  • Fixed the issue where unable to push tickets to Jira.

Known issues

  • The default condition used to apply a risk score to vulnerabilities as a fallback is not properly functioning.