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11.11.4 Platform Release

Released September 6, 2023

New features and enhancements

Report components copy and paste

When editing a report using the report builder, you can now copy and paste components within a report as well as between reports. This allows you to more easily share and re-use report configurations across your environment.

Report copy screenshot for release notes

Changes to behavior and appearance

  • Added support for BCL to the trigger condition of Flows.

  • Improved the Report Builder to avoid loss of configuration settings when toggling between Basic and Advanced configuration modes.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue where assets that were excluded from an SLA policy would sometimes still have an SLA applied.

  • Fixed the issue where updating connection details resets the Type section in the Snyk integration.

  • Fixed an issue where the calculation phase of orchestration was failing after an upgrade.

  • Fixed an issue where the Target data was sometimes missing on records consolidated from the Wiz connector.

  • Fixed the issue where using drilldowns within a tabular chart prevented the chart from displaying properly.

  • Zero values now properly render in charts, rather than displaying empty rows.

Known issues

  • The LIKE operator can fail when text has a new line or carriage return.

  • Customized renderers are overwritten by platform upgrades. To preserve your platform customizations, ensure that your settings are backed up prior to an upgrade.