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11.9.5 Platform Release

Released August 9, 2023

Changes to behavior and appearance

  • Improved the rendering of remediation recommendations displayed in the Vulnerability details view.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed the issue where removing attributes from report filters didn’t work.

  • Fixed the issue where filters for drill-downs didn't work properly.

  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to add inputs on the dashboard.

  • Fixed the issue where limited users were unable to view clusters.

  • Fixed the issue where a report with over 5000 lines kept crashing the browser.

Known issues

  • Orchestration performance can be slowed significantly when invalid CIDR notation is used in subnets.

  • The visual query builder (beta) doesn’t show all attributes when filtering by relationships.

  • The ‘Last updated’ column on the Integrations list view displays the wrong date.

  • When an Integration is associated with many source data models, it cannot be deleted.

  • When creating a Tabular chart with the report builder, drill-downs can’t be used.