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11.7.4 Platform Release

Released July 13, 2023

Changes to behavior and appearance

  • Customers accessing Brinqa through their Active Directory (AD) accounts now have their Brinqa user created at the time of their first login.

  • Added a new field to indicate when system values have been modified by the user.

    custom views screenshot for release notes

Addressed issues

  • The automation flow that manages tickets now properly closes tickets when all of the Findings in them are closed.

  • Data integration updates no longer overwrite changes made to attribute mappings in consolidation.

  • You can now properly create a Risk Acceptance request for Findings from the Host details view.

  • Fixed an issue where CONTAINS ANY sometimes did not produce results from BQL queries.

  • Fixed an issue where access control was improperly restricting access to Finding and Asset data for limited users.