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11.1.4 Platform Release

Released April 20, 2023

New features and enhancements

  • We’ve been working hard on improving the performance of consolidation. In this release of the Brinqa platform, data integrations run in parallel instead of serially, which greatly reduces the amount of time required to complete processing of your data from external tools.

  • Brinqa now collects usage data. System administrators can disable usage tracking under Administration > Advanced > Usage Tracking.

Changes to behavior and appearance

  • Security finding data models now have a new attribute called Patch published date to indicate the date of the most recent available patch.

  • You can now send notification emails separately on Success, Failure, or Success with skips.

  • You can now reorder the columns by drag-and-drop on the Selected tab in the Edit columns dropdown.

  • Report configurations now support a “Month of year” transformation, allowing you to display Month values in an easier to consume format.

  • The configuration of caching has been moved to Advanced in the Administration menu.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed the rendering of the Risk factor offset badges.

  • The Risk and Remediation owners tab now displays all entities in the cluster.

  • The Finding counts in the Environments cluster now properly reflects the number of Findings in the collection.