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11.0.8 Platform Release

Released April 5, 2023

New features and enhancements

  • We've improved the way tickets work with sprints to better track remediation progress.

    You can create Tickets using automations to collect findings into a single place for your team to remediate. And you can use Sprints to help your team track and report on their remediation progress over time. When all the findings within a ticket are closed, the ticket will automatically close. Findings that aren’t closed within a sprint will automatically be moved into a new ticket for tracking in the next sprint.

Changes to behavior and appearance

  • The Flows list page now displays the “Last executed” and “Last status” attributes for each flow run.

  • The CONTAINS keyword now works in clusters and risk factors when querying for one-to-many reference attributes.

Addressed issues

  • Ensured that tickets can be pushed to external ticketing systems like Jira.

  • Fixed an issue where the vulnerability computation flow fails when the risk score becomes negative after applying risk factors.

  • Ensured that relationships of the target type "ClusterCondition" can be created or updated.