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11.0.6 Platform Release

Released March 13, 2023

New features and enhancements

  • When creating a new remediation request, you can now see which selected findings are already part of an existing request.

  • You can now access the connector store using an authenticated proxy.

Changes to behavior and appearance

  • Data integration will now retry up to five times in the event of a timeout.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused attributes to be removed during consolidation when they are referenced by more than one data set in the same data model.

  • Fixed an issue where read-only users could not see content in some parts of the dashboard even when they have permissions to read them.

  • Fixed an issue where clusters would sometimes fail to load when they were accessed from the data model page.

  • Ensured that clusters can be edited by authorized users.

  • Ensured that Administration > System > Logs displays the correct content.

  • Creating a ticket using the Sprint model will no longer throw an error.

  • Ensured that subnets associated with the host are displayed on the detail view.

  • Fixed a logging error that sometimes caused a flow-already-running exception to be erroneously captured in the system logs.