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11.20.4 Platform Release

Released February 27, 2024

New features and enhancements

  • Created subnets for some public facing IP ranges, such as,,, and etc.

Addressed issues

  • Renamed default cluster to ‘Unknown’ instead of ‘Unassigned’ for consistency.

  • Fixed an issue in which data wasn't removed from consolidated records when the source records were removed.

  • Fixed the issue in which users in Risk Owner clusters weren’t able to set relationships.

Known issues

  • Cloning a system-managed (unmodifiable) cluster, such as the 'Unknown' cluster in Assets > Environments, makes the clone unmodifiable.

  • Calculated attributes returning references fail to resolve if there are residual values on the dataset.

  • Unchecking 'Supports consolidation' on a data model doesn't automatically deactivate the consolidation flow.

  • Exporting settings from one instance to another (same version) results in multiple errors.

  • Cannot search for existing users on the Administration > Users page.

  • Cannot search for existing users in Edit user view.

  • Manual entry during consolidation will try to change the UID if the primary consolidation key is not a UID.

  • The "Create exception request" automation action would create duplicate relationships if executed more than once.

  • Risk Factors are not processing Boolean conditions on relationships.