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Informed User Data Model

The Informed User data model is a cluster type used to identify a person or a group of people who need to stay informed for a given finding or asset. It extends the One to many cluster model data model.

The following table details the default attributes of the Informed User data model:

Attribute NameAttribute TypeRelationship TypeRequired
activeTrue FalseN/AYes
baseRiskScoreCalculated (Number)N/ANo
complianceStatusCalculated (Single Choice)N/ANo
conditionsCluster conditionsN/ANo
dataModelNameCalculated (Text)N/ANo
dateCreatedDate TimeN/ANo
defaultValueTrue FalseN/ANo
descriptionText AreaN/ANo
displayNameCalculated (Text)N/AYes
hasInactiveMembersCalculated (True False)N/ANo
lastUpdatedDate TimeN/ANo
managedBySingle ChoiceN/ANo
membersReference (User)OWNSNo
numberOutofComplianceCalculated (Number)N/ANo
openFindingCountCalculated (Number)N/ANo
riskFactorOffsetCalculated (Number)N/ANo
riskRatingCalculated (Single Choice)N/ANo
riskScoreCalculated (Number)N/ANo
riskScoringModelRisk Scoring ModelN/ANo
sourcesReference (Base model)SOURCED_FROMNo
totalCalculated (Number)N/ANo
typeSingle ChoiceN/ANo
uidUnique IdentifierN/AYes